About Pukhraj Prajapat

Engineering Graduate, Web Developer, Entreprenuer, Open-Source Evengelist

7 Years I.T. Industry Experience
Web Development, CMS, E-Commerce, Planning, Project Management, Team Building, Marketing, Client relationship.
PHP, Linux Server, Mysql, Drupal, Codeignitor, Os-commerce, HTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery

Talking to people, discussing and implementing their ideas, establishing trust and seeing their satisfied happy faces. This is all I work for and I LOVE IT!!!

My Experiences

I'm fond of learning technologies. Right after my B.Tech. from I.T. in year 2007, I completely got engage in I.T. industry for various fields like Freelance Web Developer, Technical Lead, Software Architect, Business Development Manager etc. For my last 6+ years, I've been enjoying meeting with amazing people all over the world and communicating with them on different timezones. I see this as an opportunity of connecting with people from different culture, having different work styles and believe me, there is a lot to learn and contribute. Time is short :)

My Philosophy on Business

As we are all people who do business; may be by interacting personally or representing an organization. This is all about establishing the trust and making the business profitable for both side of people. Trust can only be established by providing a healthy envioronment of having elements like honesty, transparency and fulfilment of commitments to the relationship.

What my clients say

Ron Jacklin - Vancouver, Canada

"We have been very happy with the back-end development services Pukhraj and his team have done for us. He has been a wonderful support for us as we grow and as we provide more sophisticated website functionality and design."

Karen Grigoryan - CEO at Bridge Time, Inc.

"Pukhraj, his Team and his company are seasoned experts on web development. They did an exceptional job on the recent projects .Pukhraj is a detailed oriented, innovative and careful perfectionist - his ideas,skills and deep understanding of the subject made the project a dream. He and his team has extensive knowledge and his open minded approach cannot be overestimated .They denote a strong experience in the areas such as project management .software architecture and ofcourse web development. Highly communicative and are available 24*7 which is a must to make project success and wrap up on schedule when people are in different time zone. I highly recommend them to some one who are looking to outsource work. "

Alex Brown - Canada

"Pukhraj Prajapat and his colleagues have worked on many different projects for us and always deliver great results. What we especially value is the level of communication that he provides us compared to other freelancers in the past - which is very important to us in our line of work. I would recommend Pukhraj for anyone looking for someone with a high quality of expertise and will continue to work with him in the future."

Ken Ramirez - USA

"I'm always know that whatever I provide Pukhraj with, he gets it done. He refuses to accept minimal work quality. He continues his efforts until he finds a solution to whatever problem he faces. This is the most important aspect of working in an IT environment and Pukhraj manages to succeed, every time. I often hire Pukhraj to help me with various projects and have come to rely on him as a direct partner of my company, rather than just a consultant. In many case, even if he doesn't have the skill to accomplish something, he will either seek out the education to accomplish it, or he will find someone for me that is capable in producing the quality that he knows I always expect from him or anyone that works for me. "

Jitendra Vyas - HTML CSS Prototyper

"Pukhraj will make a good contractor for any organization looking for a LAMP / PHP .He is experienced,possessing good communication skills and real enthusiasm for work.I'm confident that most people will like him wherever he works and that he will easily fit in to most company's organization and culture."